Spin around china man, Spin around

So this show is one of the best things ever created. Chris Lilley is both a genius and an awesome actor. Such a chameleon, clearly. I can watch these episodes over and over and over and they never get old. You always notice something new too. There’s such amazing dialogue. It’s brilliant. I truly cannot believe it got canceled. I mean, I get that it’s offensive, but honestly, there are so many worse things out there these days. It’s so tragic that there are only 8 episodes in existence in this world. SOOO TRAGIC. However, there is a LOT of extra footage. So thank god for the DVD and bonus features. Technology, I kinda like you (sometimes).

So incase you didn’t get your SHH fix and are hankering for some more, here are some more awesome clips. ENJOY ūüôā

hahahaha ok this could go on forever. but they’re great. love it. i hope you all start watching the show, it’ll enrich your life.

brilliant brilliant brilliant.

haha ok tooootaloooo!

ALso, here are some bloopers. always fun!:

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Do it for the Africans

Episode 7 seems like its going to start out a little more sentimental. Mr. G is discussing bullying in relation to Toby. ¬†He claims to know what it feels like because he was bullied in his day. Here’s where things quickly get back to the normal comedic feel when he continues his story… “I went by my real name then which is Helen. The ancient Greek masculine version of the name. They would say things like ‘Ya big poof Helen, stop pulling your pants up ya big poof.’ Hahaha amazing.

Pretty self explanatory, but because it’s always funnier when you actually see it:

Jonah comes back from his suspension. ¬†In a meeting with Mr. Peterson, he says that he is now on parole, and that he is from here on out banned from break dancing. Bummmmerrrrrr. Poor Jonah. He just wants to DANCE ¬†you know. He just wants to breakity breakkkk it down. Does that hurt anyone? Probably not. I mean, unless he messed up and fell into them.. but that’s besides the point. Anyway.. point is that Jonah will be expelled if he break dances again.

Perfect timing, because Kieran and the year 7s are talking shit about Jonah and his friends. They also challenge him to a break off. Jonah struggles trying to decide whether to break the rules or not.

Ja’mie calls a meeting about a formal issue. The DJ needs money up front and they’ve only sold 3 tickets. (shocker.. they were 450 dollars. dumb girls) So as a “solution” they decide to have a fundraiser consisting of fashion show and an AIDS day to “raise money for aids” (but it’s really for the formal). Ja’mie tells everyone to “come dressed as an AIDS related theme – a nurse, or a Dr. or an African.” Offensive alert. offensive alert. haha wowza.

Here’s a clip from the fashion show:

Do it For the Africans!

Principal Murray calls Mr. G into her office to inform him that Meredith will be returning as head of drama. Mr. G becomes infuriated. They get into a huge fight, which ends in Mr. tendering his resignation, in a very intense and rude fashion I might add. He goes on a tirade, yelling about everything and storming away, as well as claiming that the show is canceled.

However…….. Mr. G spends the day driving back and forth past the school, eventually stopping to ask the students through the fence if people miss him. Mrs. Murray comes out to talk to Mr. G, asking if he will take his job back. He refuses, until she informs him that the show is still going on and that Meredith will be directing. Mr. G will not have this, so agrees to come back, but only to direct the show. Such a drama queen.

Ashley spills the beans to Mr. Cameron that the girls are not actually raising money for AIDS, but for the formal. Ja’mie gets in a lot of trouble, but tries to have her mom buy her way out of it. In the end, Mr. Cameron says that the money they raised will go to an AIDS charity as it should have, and that the formal will not have to be in the staff room.

At the end of the episode, Jonah and the boys are whispering during class and Mrs. Wheatley LOSES HER MIND and throws Jonah out of the classroom, screaming and throwing his stuff. During this, Jonah may have semi-threatened her. But she lost her mind first. For real. Watch:

See. Proof. Mrs. Wheatley is nutso. Right? Right.

I heart Jonah.

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Being a Poly, Oh my golly.

I love the intro to episode 6 as well. That tends to be a trend. Which I guess makes sense. Hook with the beginning clip. Duh. So this intro is Mr. G. It seems like he is the one featured in the first scene a lot. Well anyway. Episode 6 starts with Mr. G showing Celine’s “tricks”, which are in fact not tricks at all. See, here:

“Step it out, step it out” Hahaha god I love it.

However, Mr. G’s delightful mood is quickly interrupted when he is informed that Anabelle’s parents don’t want their daughters story used for the musical. Mr. G claims that “the selfishness is unfathomable.” Quite ironic. However, Mr. “changes” the show to focus more on himself as a teacher and an influence on the drug-affected students. It will now be called “Mr. G The Musical.” But let’s be honest, it’s essentially the exact same thing, with just a bit more leeway for Mr. to boost his ego.

Ja’mie and the girls are preparing things for the formal. They make outrageous plans, causing the formal to cost everyone 450 dollars a ticket………………………….. Yes, 450 dollars. as in 50 less than FIVE HUNDRED. These girls are loco. ¬†Anywho.. another issue they discuss at the meeting is whether or not they will allow lesbians to come to the formal. Um. Yep. It goes from ridiculous to insane ridiculous.

Next, they talk about who they are going to bring as dates. Jess is going to take a kid in a wheelchair. ¬†Ja’mie says that will be good to get “sympathy points” andddd “it’s really good for the late night ditch” hahahahah SO OFFENSIVEEE! Yikes. So Ja’mie is trying to decide who to take, and without telling her friends asks a “hot lesbian” named Tamsin to go to the formal with her. ¬†Haha. Tamsin is confused since she didn’t “know Ja’mie was a Lesbian” (hm. that’s cause she’s not) but eventually agrees to be her date. ¬†Ja’mie tells her friends, who freak out. However, she informs them that she is just doing it to make a statement, since they are the two hottest girls in the school.

Today is poly day, and at the assembly, Mr. Peterson plays a hip hop video that Jonah and his friends made about being polynesian. Oh, don’t worry, you can view it below:

I’m a FOB, i’m a FOB. Classic. Yes, I do have this song downloaded on itunes. Don’t worry about it.

Sadly, the year 7s make fun of Jonah’s video. How rude. Can you tell i’m a Jonah fan?

So, this leads to escalating words and eventually a fight outside near the amphitheater, and Jonah throws Keiran’s shoe on the roof. Naturally, Mrs. Wheatley steps in, to punish Jonah only. ¬†She bans him and his friends from the amphitheater. ¬†This clearly pisses Jonah off, who retaliates by spraypainting “all year 7s are homos” on their lockers. ¬†The teachers have finally had enough, and they suspend Jonah for 3 days. Such a bummer heights high.

Mr. G is extremely stressed about the show and is taking it out on Rodney as well as the students. ¬†Mrs. Murray reprimands him after parents call in to complain because he called their daughter an elephant, saying that it was a good thing the stage was supported or she would have fallen through. This is just an example. ¬†In an even worse situation, the star of the play, the boy playing Mr. G himself, quits the show because Mr. G called him a pansy. Haha oh Greg, when will you learn? Rodney comes up with the idea to make Toby (special ed student/current assistant) the new Mr. G. Greg originally protests, but since Rodney asks in front of the entire cast, he is put on the spot and allows it. They start to rehearse with Toby, and Mr. G says that things are actually going well. Here comes one of my favorite lines. “Touch wood.” hahaha instead of knock on wood? Get it? Haha I’m not sure why I’m so entertained by these things, but I am.

At the end of the episode, tragedy strikes. Someone leaves the door to the gym open, Celine gets out, and gets run over by a car and dies. Soo sadddd! Poor pup! I would judy chop anyone who left the door open and let my dog get run over. I actually have judy chopped people for leaving the gate of my fence open before, because my dog will get out as well, and it terrifies me that she’ll get it. So Mr. G, I seriously feel for you. Hang in there, pal.

(side note, if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say judy chop, view this video. I know it’s off subject, but you won’t regret it:

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There’s a pedophile in the school!

I heart the beginning of Episode 5. Perhaps one of my favorite clips. So let’s just start out with that.

“There’s a pedophile in the school!”

hahaha somehow all of these offensive things just get me laughing. Besides the fact that it doesn’t really make sense. That also makes it humorous. So great.

Mr. Peterson has heard that if you give problem students more responsibility they will rise to it. So he decides to assign Jonah and his friends to be a “big brother” to¬†year 7 boys who are having problems coping socially. ¬†To give them an incentive, he tells them that he will allow them to do a break dancing demo in the next assembly. The boys are stoked about this. Jonah exclaims,¬†“you’re a legend sir!”

However, Jonah and his friends don’t take the program seriously. Surprise, surprise. Instead, they make fun of the year 7s and use them to do work, get food, etc. ¬†When first talking to the year 7s, he says to them:¬†“so pedophile pete says that you’ve got social problems. the fat one tell me first.” Also,¬†when people make fun of Jonah for being friends with the year 7s, he replies,¬†“They’re not my friends, I just have to do it as a program! They’re homos” Probbbabblly not the best way to help out kids with social problems. But hey, what do we care, we’re just the audience. It’s funnier this way.

Mr. G and the cast are midway through rehearsals for the musical.  Giant sciccors, ropes, and giant foam E ecstacy pills are being created for it.  Absolutely absurd. The giant scissors are my favorite haha.

Ja’mie sets up an SRC – student run council – with all her friends and Ashley to change things around the school. They have several ideas for the school, but the biggest thing that they want to do is put on a year 11 formal. ¬†They ask but Mr. Cameron, but he says it won’t be allowed. The girls are crushed.¬†Ja’mie comes up with the idea to have a hunger strike to protest until they get a formal. For some reason, they all think this is a great idea. Idiots. ¬†Only her group of friends shows up to the sit in. Mr. Cameron comes out and they get up and run inside apologizing. FAIL.

So now Ja’mie comes up with a new plan.. to tell Mr. Cameron that she’s started cutting her arms and “like that’s why i’m wearing the jumper so i’m just gonna go in like oh my god what do you want me to do like i’m gonna kill myself if you don’t let us have it. seriously and like if he doesnt let us have it then, then he’s a bastard and its like murder he should go to jail or something cause i could die from cutting myself” hahahah Ja’mie is cracie. loopy. nutso. insane in the membrane. for sure.¬†Mr. cameron says that they can present at assembly and then the teachers will re-evaluate the idea of the formal.

In a faculty meeting, it is announced that they are moving the special ed students into one of the demountables. Mr. G gets mad because he wants that to be the site for the performing arts center. ¬†So Greg is already pissed off. To make it even better, principal murray tells greg that he must put the special ed students in the musical. ¬†This makes Mr. G not a happy camper. Mr. G talks to Rodney about how pissed he is about having to involve them.¬†“Theyve had a life of not being good enough, surely they know it by now.” “Wheelchair we’re screwed cause we’ll have to build ramps, but some of the non wheel chair ones arent exactly easy on the eyes” He then tells Rodney to “I need you to jot down ramps and masks please.”¬†He really is a charmer.

The year 7 boys being mentored tell on Jonah and his friends for making fun of them. Mr. Peterson gives them one last chance to mentor the boys the whole day at the pool in order to still get to do the break dancing demo, but they get a year 7 to steal a teachers phone and take a picture of Jonah’s ass and send it to all the teachers. ¬†Naturally, Jonah doesn’t get away with much, despite his plan to¬†“Just do innocent shit. ”

Get ready cause this is really absurdulous. I’ve used absurd and ridiculous so many times that I figured I’d change it up and combine them. You like? So Mr. G places feces in the demountable after hearing from rodney that this got the special ed students banned at another school. Ummmm. Yea. Yeaaappp. He went there. Hahah oh dear.

Consequently, Mr. G soon asks Mrs. Murray if there’s anything to report about the demountables? When she says no he gets confused.

The formal presentation at assembly is rather entertaining. Here are some quotes from it:¬†“a school that bans formals is a school that bans life”¬†“and my group talks to the fugly girls” (at a formal);¬†“you stupid christian” “youre a fat ugly bitch” (school without a formal); and with a formal:¬†“this is such a great place to be. school is so cool!”¬†“see what i mean… it’s a much better place to be”;¬†“this is what you will look like going off on the dance floor”: dancing follows. Ridiculous Dancing. Which mean laughter follows for the audience. Superrrr. But her efforts were not fruitless. Mr. Cameron decides to allow the formal. High five, Ja’mie.

Here’s the assembly presentation by the way…


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Celine, you’re Celine!

I think this is one of my favorite episodes. But it’s hard to say, they’re all so great. However, the opening scene to this one is great, so we’ll start there.

“I like to sniff the kids most mornings, just randomly in the cooridors, checking for various odors, um, cigarette smoke, graffit pens, alcohol, that sort of thing…. yes it’s just one of the good things about having a heightened sense”

-Guess who? Mr. G, clearly. hahahaha I just love randomness. It’s really the best. Haven’t you noticed how incredibly random life is getting these days. Just look at commercials. SO random. Comedy has definitely shifter gears toward random and ridiculous, and I’m a big fan.

Jonah is meeting with Doug Peterson having an anger management meeting. Peterson asks Jonah what he thinks he should do to control his anger in a positive way, to which Jonah replies: ¬†“just say fuck off and walk away and don’t get mad.” Orrr, “you could go for a run around the oval.” “What? Everyone will think i’m a homo if i start running around the oval every time someone pisses me off” Peterson provides him with another option. He tells Jonah he could keep a journal. “I’m not a pufta sir” Jonah replies. I’m pretty sure I have accurately assessed that Pufta (sp?) is an australian term for homosexual, most likely derogatory, since Jonah is using it. ¬†Doug has Jonah write down some things to get her feelings out. When doing so, Jonah asks “how do you spell fuck him up?” hahahah he kills me.

Oh, by the way, Jonah calls Mr. Peterson Pedophile Pete. Just so we know. haha

Ja’mie’s friends talk about the fact that she accidently sent Bec a picture making fun of the girls (Kaitlyn, Holly, Jess, Bec). They fight about it and claim they aren’t going to be friends with Ja’mie anymore. She tries to tell them to build a bridge and get over it, but they walk away.

Since the girls won’t talk to her, Ja’mie goes to try to be friends with Ashley, the girl she was set up with on her first day at Summer Heights, but Ashley walks away from her, to which Jonah responds, “why would I want to be friends with you anyway, you lesbian curly haired bitch?” ¬†SO rude. But is it bad that I also find it equally as funny?

Holly won’t let ja’mie sit by her either. She tells Ja’mie to go take a different seat. Ja’mie replies, “I’m not gonna sit next to some random emo”. “Calm down ja’mie, you’re really embarrassing yourself” Again, Ja’mie replies, “you know what would be embarrassing? Having your head” Nonsensicle. Yes, I realize that’s not a word. Just go with it. ¬†Ja’mie then runs outside crying and calls her mom. She begins a long monologue yelling at her mom on the phone, “maybe i’ll just go root some teacher and then i’ll get pregnant and then you’ll have to raise the baby. is that what you want?” She is trying to get her mom to come pick her up, claiming that she wants to go back to Hilford. “I’m a fucking private school girl!”

Later in the episode, Ja’mie goes to the counselor in order to call a session with her friends, during which she tells them, “Just learn what a sense of humor is ok” “guys seriously, build a bridge and get over it”. The session, to be honest, is a lot of yelling and at first I wasn’t all that delighted by it. However, upon watching it again, if you pay enough attention, you hear so many hilarious things. ¬†The entire show is like that really, I’ve seen all the episodes so many times but there is somehow always something I missed. In this case, comments like “You’ve gotta really watch your msn windows” or “They’re doing some great deals on one-way tickets to china.” ¬†However, at the end somehow despite essentially claiming that she was not sorry, still convinced her friends to forgive her, and they are back to normal by the end of the episode.

Mr. G begins auditions for his musical. During this process, he gets an “excitement quiver” about it. I would try to explain this, but I think it will be better if you actually see it, so here it is:

bahahaha. Come on. Hilarious.

Continuing on with the show… Mr. G discusses that since Annabelle was considered a slut, “I am asking some of the sluttier girls to get involved.”¬†Mr. G interviews students for the show, asking such things as, “Any emotional history? dad ever hit mom? if you had to choose above or below belly button”

Is he a teacher? Yes. Is this insanely inappropriate? Of course. Is it funny? Definitely.  Notice the theme?

He also tests them for hand eye coordination. chucks a ball past a student from very close range. “missed it”. There you go, there’s a clean one for once. But still SO funny. Again, this one is better when seen. There’s some stage action for you.

Time for Jonah, who is in english class when Ms. Wheatley tells him that he will be presenting his project on the outsiders tomorrow. “you said i could do mine on Tupac.” Haha. However, later in the episode, things get a bit more serious and a lot more awkward.¬†Ms. Palmer calls jonah in because he drew a picture of his father “touching my dick or something” they call his father in for a meeting. His father is confused and pissed off. at the end, jonah says that he made it up to get out of a class, and because the teachers would freak out.¬†This is probably one of my least favorite parts of the show actually. It got a little funnier after the first time, but still, a bit more awkward then funny I’d say.

Back at auditions, Mr. G is auditioning for the spot of Celine, his own dog. He claims that she is not a shoe in, but we all know that’s false. However, he says, “we’re doing a 3 week run, so i need a dog that can handle that kind of schedule.” He treats Celine like an actual human. “Head forward, don’t look self conscious.” Yes, he says this to a dog haha.

Mr. G separates those who auditioned into two groups and sends them into two rooms. He then proceeds to trick the children making the group who is the cast think they didn’t get it, and vise versa. They do this on American Idol as well. Dirty little tricksters.

Oh, also, naturally, Celine got the part. She is included in the group when they are divided, and upon telling them they are his cast, Mr. G starts yelling out parts, including “Celine, you’re celine!” Hahah what a revelation.

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It’s a Bummer Heights High

ja’mie decides that she wants to be the first year 11 student to date a year 7 student. she thinks that a boy named sebastian is “so hot.” she goes over to hang out with the year 7 students and flirt with sebastian and asks him to have a “lunch date” at school. ¬†Just for the record again, Ja’mie is a year 11. Ok, glad we’ve put that out there. Absurd. haha

However, they start to “officially date” and exchange numbers. Ja’mie exclaims “cool phone number!” haha. The two continue to chat and her comments to him are so random and hilarious:¬†“I would never date a guy that wasn’t into peace”;¬†“where’d you get that scar from?… oh you fell over?”;¬†“ties are so random. what are ties, just random pieces of cloth?” ;”do you have any fat people in your family?”

Jonah comes to school with a white stain on his pants. His friends mock and joke with him about the fact that he has cum on his pants. Doug Peterson makes him change into short yellow shorts. he is then made to go to the school nurse, who asks him if he ever has wet dreams or if he knows what they are.¬†“Do you ever think of Ms. Wheatley in a sexual way?” “No. She’s ugly” Jonah is always brutally honest, as are the rest of the characters. And honesty is always comedic.

The boys are then at a school dance. they don’t want to dance but are made to get up. then they have a break dance off and jonah and keiran get in a fight. The introduces a turf war that will lead to many conflicts and issues for Jonah in the future.

Principal Murray shares with the faculty that a student named Annabelle has died from an ecstasy overdose. Mr. g insensitively discusses the fact that she was a slut and later, comes up with the concept for his new musical –> to adapt anabelle’s story……..

He previews some of the songs for the musical:

“ee eee eee eee ecstacy!”

“on days like these, its a bummer heights high!”

“she’s a party girl with a bad habit, a bad habit for drugs!”

SO INAPPROPRIATE. But as you’ll see, that’s Mr. G for ya.

At the end of the episode,¬†Ja’mie gets in a huge fight with Sebastian for texting another girl. She screams at him and breaks up with him, throwing his phone and yelling at him, going completely overboard. She then runs off and cries to her friends,¬†“He’s made me feel less hot.” Then continues in tears, shrieking “Am I hot? AM I HOT?!?!” hahahaha oh, Ja’mie.

Well the only character you haven’t met yet is Mr. G. So here he is discussing his concept for the Musical. Absurdity. It’s the theme of the show. It’s probably a love or hate kind of thing. But clearly, I love it.

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Puck you Miss.

The 2nd episode starts off with Mr. G in the staff room¬† explaining his creation of signs and labels throughout the room, both banning others from using his things as well as advising others to keep the area clean. We start to learn how controlling and anal retentive he is.¬†The visuals of the messages on the signs as well as Mr. G’s vernacular discussing the issue are comedic. “Do not leave dishes in the sink. The dish fairies are on long service leave”; “If anyone touches any of my food I will consider it theft and it will become a police matter.” Hahah again, so ridiculous, so funny.

After the intro the first thing that we see is Jonah and his friends “punking” Ms. Wheatley. Jonah pretends that Ms. Wheatley hits him with a car. When she freaks out, Jonah gets up from the ground and yells “ha miss! you got punked! we punked you!” When Ms. Wheatley does not find it humorous, Jonah asks Ms. Wheatley if she can take a joke as well as asking her if “you got your period or what miss?”¬† The inappropriateness of the comments is awesome.

We then shift to Ja’mie, who is starting her first day of school at Summer Heights. ¬†¬†Ja’mie gets set up with a student name Ashley, who she calls fugly and treats terribly after a very short time. ¬†While the majority of Ja’mie’s comments are offensive, they are so random and ridiculous that you cannot help but laugh.¬† For example… while looking around the school Ja’mie says to Ashley “Oh you’ve got wheelchair people! That’s so cute! Oh my god I love disabled people. We don’t have them at our school. We’ve got like one burns victim, but um, like we don’t have any mentally retarded people.” ¬† Now, I know that this is offensive, but come on. The absurdity of her comments (along with her valley girl accent) make it hilarious despite the offensive nature of them.

Ja’mie states later “I try to avoid other cultures at all costs.” to which Bec says “hey, i’m asian!”.. “I know, but you’re a hot asian. There are so many annoying asians at my school” Again, the offensiveness of this makes it funny.

Ja’mie takes it upon herself to find the “hot, popular” girls at the school and immediately become ‘friends’ with them. “So, like, oh my god, we’re friends!” She takes a picture with them right away, and becomes immediately comfortable putting them down. It’s clear that she doesn’t really even realize she is so insanely cocky. ¬†She even makes a comment about being down to earth. ¬†It’s pretty hilarious when people who are extremely one way think they are the opposite.

Ja’mie seems to have immediately found a group of friends to hang out with that she is extremely excited about, but at the end she breaks down and starts to complain about how she doesnt “want to be in classrooms where there’s like, no air conditioning, and like asbestos in the roof and stuff and just crap desks and like skanky bogans everywhere and sluts and i just wish I was with my friends and I wish I was going back to Hilford!” Hahahah. Crazy girl.

Mr. G is made head of drama in this episode due to a family illness for the current department head, Meredith Cotton. ¬†He is incredibly overjoyed about this fact and shows no respect or concern for Ms. Cotton. ¬†“The news is out of this world!” He labels himself “Director of Performing Arts” and tells everyone to spread the news.. “spread it round!”.. “I’m director of performing arts! spread it!” The new power that Mr. G believes he has received from the new label goes to his head immediately and he starts acting extremely narcissistic. “I’m going to have the jump the line.. head of department priority.” His impracticality is also revealed when he explains his desire to build a 10,000 seat “Gregson Performing Arts Center” to house arena spectaculars. He also becomes extremely angry when Mrs. Cotton tells him that this is completely unrealistic.

We then are returned to Jonah’s world of disruptive and inappropriate, but comedic behavior.¬† He likes to entertain the other students and loves the attention that his back-talking and antics bring.¬† We also are introduced to his dirty mouth, constantly calling people homo, and using f***.¬† Jonah pushes the boundaries and is extremely sarcastic.¬† For example, when handing someone worksheet, Jonah says “here you go homo” to which Miss Wheatley exclaims “Jonah, do not use that word in this class, thank you!” Jonah replies “Why not, it’s an english word, this is an english class isn’t it?” Also, when Jonah is playing with some tennis balls in class, Ms. Wheatley asks him to put the balls on the ground. He then proceeds to sit down on the ground. “You said put my balls on the ground!” He clearly likes to push the boundaries. When Ms. Wheatley won’t let Jonah sits where he wants to sit, he says “fuck you” and when asked what he just said he replies “I said puck you, with a P” Well, if Jonah isn’t entertaining his classmates, he’s certainly entertaining the audience.

We also learn in this episode that Jonah attends something called “gumnut cottage” because he cannot read. His friends tease him about it, calling it “gumnut no nuts”, claiming that anyone that goes there has no nuts.¬†We also learn that the teacher at gumnut cottage, Mrs. Palmer, is the only one who really appreciates Jonah and takes a different approach to his learning. ¬†I believe that this fact makes us sympathize with Jonah. This along with the humor he brings makes it hard not to love him.

Mr. G’s dialogue¬† is filled with unintentional humor. For example, when discussing his excitement about his new position, he states “I’ve got 9 years of ideas that have been bottled away and you know, I feel like the lid’s been lifted and I’m going to explode all over school.” ..That’s what she said. got em.

Here’s a clip with Ja’mie this time, so you can get to know her and her ridiculous bitchtastic self better. haha enjoy.

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